RoxaNA IS A singer/ SONG WRITER  

She is singer/songwriter and producer with her band GOL 

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GOL are an utterly unique proposition, theres musical elements of Persia, dub, jazz, funk and North Africa that combine so well its testament to the skill of the bands members and the music itself. Most importantly though, GOL have a groove that anyone can lock into.”
— Chris Knight curator and founder of Kelburn Garden Party Festival
“ One of the most exciting and eclectic bands at this years Festival.. a cosmopolitan workout for mind and feet!”
— The Scotsman Newspaper
“ having an after-hours ambience made more interesting by the Middle Eastern derived scales and textures. Roxana’s vocals float seductively and the lyrics evoke transition, rootlessness and longing without descending into mournfulness. “
— The Skinny Music Magazine

YOU can listen to and purchase our music here

THEY played a sold out gig at the Jazz and blues Festival Edinburgh July 2015 and performed at the KElburn Garden PArty Festival in Largs. COMMISSIONED BY BRITISH COUNCIL TO CREATE A 45 MINUTE SOUND DESIGN INSTILLATION AS PART OF ThE UK/IRAN FESTIVAL IN LONDON. ( video further below) 

and in 2014 THEY recorded 3 of THEIR tracks for the BBC at the PreMISES studios in London