" Haven’t you been looking for a film that beautifully captures the experiences and emotions of so many 1.5 and 2nd generation Iranians in diaspora? And weren’t you also hoping that it featured fresh new artists, crossed multiple diaspora communities, and yet remained touchingly personal? It’s finally here. The super talented British-Iranian filmmaker Roxana Vilk gives us Iranian Enough? on BBC World." Fesenjoon Magazine USA 

Thanks to Roxana Vilk’s “Poets of Protest” Film series, it is no longer possible to argue that poetry is marginal to contemporary political or cultural discourse. Vilk’s films, by placing poetic works in the context of political oppression, revolution, and exile, show how central poetry is to the formation of a collective voice. These stunning films restore to poets something of their original social status as communal singers, as the oracles and rhapsodes of a democratic crowd.”
— Walt Hunter 2012

It carries within it the seeds of dread, hope, and waiting. Sorrowful, and inducing self-reflection, it is a powerful film”.  Eye for Film Review of ASHURA at Edinburgh Film Festival 2010. 

The Scotsman In depth Interview with Roxana about her Iranian roots in relation to her new film Ashura and up coming art exhibition 

Tehran Backyard is a vivid and impressive portrait of working class life in the Islamic Republic, devoid of the plaudit-seeking posturing that dogs much of Iran’s film output, while carrying, a subtle and touching women’s punch”. 

Review of  her film “Tehran Backyard” by Peyvand Khorsandi. 

It’s inspiring provocative stuff.” BBC News on the feature film Trouble Sleeping


.having an after-hours ambience made more interesting by the Middle Eastern derived scales and textures. Roxana’s vocals float seductively and the lyrics evoke transition, rootlessness and longing without descending into mournfulness.”
— The Skinny Music Magazine
“ One of the most exciting and eclectic bands at this years Festival.. a cosmopolitan workout for mind and feet!”
— The Scotsman, four star review at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival


Read the Full Review of GOL at The Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival 2010.