Director/Producer Roxana Vilk 

The cause of Palestine doesn’t need emotions anymore, we need minds.

Palestinian Mazen Maarouf was raised in Lebanon, and was recently forced into a double exile inIcelandafter criticising the Syrian regime. His third poetry collection, “An Angel Suspended On The Clothesline” was published in Lebanon after he’d left, and we follow him from Reykjavik to Paris as he works on the translation into French. With his work translated into English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Maltese, Icelandic and Chinese, this rising poetry star finds himself wandering the world with his only security his notebook.

Hand Made is part of Poets of Protest produced by Roxana Vilk which focuses on the writers, their political and artistic struggles, and their work, with beautifully filmed visual interpretations of the poems.

Produced for Al Jazeera’s ‘Artscape: Poets of Protest’ series. First broadcast: Friday 28th September 2012, 19:30 GMT

Director/Producer: Roxana Vilk
Executive Producers: Flora Gregory (Al Jazeera), Noe Mendelle & Sonja Henrici (SDI Productions)
Editor: Ling Lee
Camera: Ian Dodds

Screening Formats:

 Digibeta, DVD


Trailer for the film