"the most incredible atmosphere they made us feel  

roxana and peter are such professionals wow!  regina alantondacrespo  "


"they are excellent tutors - peter and roxana were brilliant they created a safe space for us all to share our journeys and experiences. I came away inspired "  lynn Samspell

"Great people, genuine with loads to share and helping and helping us to discover treasures within ourselves - more workshops like this one please! " Lenka vojtiskova 

" Music warm atmosphere openness, sharing generosity... similarities across borders, language adn culture storytelling unites people and makes us realise our cultures.. they shared their rich experiences with us..completely non judgemental and supportive skilled in group work and moderation." rachel clarke 


The session was off the scale! generoristy to what was in the room and structures but openeness and free just wonderful! - they taught me that a moment and a memory is a cup full of inspiration." Margaret Christian  

" Relaxed, friendly interactive - it just clicked, through sharing music laughter strangers can become like family!  It was a life affirming experience... the tutors were friendly and talented positive and open attitude."  

Katherine Weatherhead.  

" Peter and Roxana equal the best!  ,kind, creative, positive and talented. " Kitty Colauahm